Redesigning the audience targeting experience in Google Ads.


Sr. interaction designer
2017 - ongoing


I've start working as a sr. interaction designer in Google Ads in January 2017, once I relocated to Zurich.

Since then, I've been focusing on designing experiences that would allow advertisers to seamlessly find and select people they want to reach with their online campaigns, and provide them with insightful reporting tools to monitor and optimize their audience targeting performance.

Design lead for the following areas

Audience selection
The main touch point with audiences is during the creation of a campaign. It is at this stage that we need to make sure users are able to easily find the audience they are looking for.
Audience suggestions
Machine learning is re-shaping the way advertisers should build their online campaigns. Audience suggestions represent the first step towards a fully automated audience targeting setup.
Audience insights
Making Google audiences more transparent by showing their composition will have the natural effect of increasing users trust and adoption of audience targeting.

Main design challenges

Feature complexity
Defining a target audience sounds like a simple operation but it actually draws on a complex world of information, challenging UX to make the product easy to use.

Different user types
While sophisticated advertisers need complex audience features, the product must be accessible to small businesses as well. Finding a balance between these two needs represents a major challenge to UX.

Audience targeting tools are closely connected to user data, and for this reason we need to be extremely careful in protecting this data and reassuring our users that it will never be exposed.

Team size
The Google Ads Division is very large and every design that you are responsible for will have an impact on another designer’s work. For this process a constant cross-team communication and sharing is essential.

Selected work

Since some of the projects I’ve worked on have not yet launched, I’m not able to share them here.
Audience ideas
Google machine learning might know better who is the right audience for a specific campaign. This is why there is an enormous effort to automate targeting so that advertisers can concentrate on other aspects of the campaign, such as the creative. 

Audience insights
Understanding who they are reaching has always been one of the top requests from online advertisers. My team and I were able to clearly show users insights to the various audiences to create a more informed campaign targeting.
Audience keyword migration
Given that audience targeting is quickly becoming the most used and most efficient way to target campaigns, there are many efforts to move other targeting methods inside the audience umbrella.