3 months in Asia

January - April 2019
In the beginning of 2019  I decided to take a break from work and travel for 3 months. It ended up being the best decision I could have made

Everything started in Tokyo, Japan.

It was not my first time in Tokyo so I didn't feel pressed to visit all the "must sees" in the city and ended up living a relaxed and local experience. I had chosen to spend New Year's Eve there, but I soon realized that this is the wrong period to go since everyone returns to their families at this time and the city is strangely quiet.
Lesson learned!

Walking around Tokyo
Time to go to school
Tokyo subway

After New Years, I headed North to Niseko, on Hokkaido Island, for a couple of ski lessons and warm baths in an onsen.
Driving to Niseko
Niseko's slopes

After more than 3 weeks in Japan I decide that it was time to go somewhere else, somewhere warmer, and I've decided for the south of Vietnam, along the delta of the Mekong: Saigon and Can Tho.
(Definitely not a great idea to pack both for snow and for tropical weather)
Streets of Saigon

Can Tho is very famous for its Floating Market, which takes place very early in the morning which means you have to leave in the middle of the night to see it.
Well yes, is dark
Fishermen talking along the Mekong
Streetfood in Can Tho
Can Tho from above

A week later I left for Phuket in Thailand. I didn't take many pictures here but I did go to many photos there, but I did went to many amazing beaches, and obviously also to see a Thai boxing match.
Thai boxing spectators

Next stop was Hong Kong, I had never been there before, and I had very high expectations. After seeing it, all I can say is that to me it seems like...the asian version of NYC!
Vertical shapes
Local reader
Flower market
Local biker taking a break
Up hill commute

Then I went to the Philippines where was supposed to stay 1 or 2 weeks: I ended up stayiing 1 1/2 months. They are just beautiful.

My first stop was Siargao, a surfer island south of Manila. I liked it so much that I ended up coming back here twice.
Family walk
Showing off
Training for the battle
Just peaceful
Bucolic gang part I
Waiting for a ride

Another of the many beautiful island I visited in the Philippines was Kalanggaman, a strip of land in the middle of the clearest tropical water, water, where overnight camping is allowed if you bring your own tent.
Last outpost
Camping at night
Clearest view of the stars
Early morning fisher man arriving to the island
Strip of sand

Next was Bentayan, a bigger island north of Cebu, populated with the friendliest people I met on this trip.
Testing the food
The dock
Bucolic gang part II
Filipinos love basketball. More hoops here.
Red Beetle
Fishing in the clearest water
All in!
Bantayan from the sky

I then spent a long time in Cebu island, especially in the south, in Oslob.
Night traffic in Oslob
Guard rooster
Morning routines

In Cebu there are also many hikes, and one of them is Mt. Kandugaw, were it is possible to camp and enjoy a beautiful sunset. The sunrise unfortunately was a bit foggy!
Sunset from Mt. Kandugaw
Foggy morning made it difficult to find the path

The last week of my stay in the Philippines (and of my vacation), I went to visit Calicoan island, a 4 hours car ride from Tacloban. Beautiful and definitely not a touristic spot.
There are big waves. Soon I think it will become a famous surfing spot.
A tarsier staring in my eyes
Rice fields...
Chocolate hills
...and more rice fields

And that was the end.
Great memories of a great trip that I hope to do again soon.

Here you can see a collection of photos of basketball hoops that I took during this trip.